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Have you ever had thoughts about putting money into an RSP but never got around to it? Have you ever wondered why you should contribute to an RSP? Have you ever wondered about the benefits of contributing early to your RSPs?

Quick Tips for Your RSP

Trying to decide if you want or need an RSP Loan this year?

When it comes to contributing to your RSP, time is money. That’s why staying current with your contributions is so important. An RSP loan allows you to top-up your RSP for the current year or catch up if your contributions have fallen behind. Either way, it lets you take full advantage of one of the most attractive tax breaks available to Canadians.

Bump up your annual RSP contribution with an ING DIRECT RSP Loan.

Great rate We offer one of the best rates going – no haggling. Which means you pay less interest.
Flexible Repayment Your choice of repayment terms: 9 or 12 months.
Quick Approval Process Apply with us easily online or over the phone, and you’ll receive a credit decision usually within one hour.
No Fees
No Service Charges No Early Repayment Penalties
So you can pay off your loan, instead of just the interest.
Invest your RSP Loan dollars in an RSP Mutual Fund Account Simply fill in the RSP Mutual Fund Account enrollment form that you’ll receive in your loan package.

Diversify, Diversify, Diversify

You may often ask yourself, if the stock markets are unpredictable, and most mutual funds invest in the stock markets, how can we use mutual funds to plan for our future? This question brings us to one of our favourite topics – the benefits of diversification. By diversifying our investments, we help to keep our portfolios stable, while enjoying the benefits of investing in mutual funds.

Different types of investments perform better at different periods in the economic cycle. No single asset class has consistently outperformed for more than two consecutive years in a row, over the past 20 years. Read more from Franklin Templeton on the benefits of diversification. Discussed are the 5 steps to diversifying your portfolio:

  • Diversify by asset class
  • Diversify be sector
  • Diversify be region
  • Diversify by market cap
  • Diversify by investment style

Dollar Cost Averaging; the Power of an ASP

You can help yourself attain better returns on your mutual fund investments by dollar cost averaging.

Mutual Funds 101 – A mutual fund:

  • Is a pool of capital, which is invested and managed by professional investment managers
  • Allows you to purchase units and by doing so, you are contributing to a portion of the pool of capital
  • Provides the investor with five benefits:
    • Professional management
    • Diversification – By buying a portion of several funds
    • Liquidity
    • Pooling of resources with other investors
    • Record keeping

Sales Commission? Transaction Fees? (I don’t think so!)

We provide mutual funds on a NO-LOAD Basis. That means you pay no fees or commission for mutual funds purchased through ING Direct Funds Limited.

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