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ING Direct Funds Limited is a Mutual Fund Dealer.

That means we distribute/sell mutual funds from other fund manufacturers in Canada.
Mutual Fund companies pay ‘trailer fees’ to mutual fund dealers (i.e. ING Direct Funds Limited). The amount paid depends on the total value of mutual fund assets under management.

We provide access to mutual funds on a NO-LOAD BASIS. That means when you buy mutual funds through us you:

Pay No Loads or Commissions
Don’t need thousands to invest
Have access to global investment management expertise

Brand Name Fund Families

ING Direct Funds Limited is pleased to offer select funds from some of Canada’s most successful fund families: AGF Funds, AIC, AIM Trimark Investments, Brandes Investment Partners, CI Investments, Fidelity Investments, Franklin Templeton, and Mackenzie Financial. What’s more, all the funds we offer are RSP and RIF eligible.


Mutual Fund Account
A non-registered Mutual Fund Account is a great way to help you save for that trip abroad, a down payment on your home, or just a rainy day.

RSP Mutual Fund Account
An RSP Mutual Fund Account is a great way to help you save for your retirement. You can open a personal or spousal RSP. Either way, you’ll be taking advantage of great tax saving opportunities.

RIF Mutual Fund Account
A RIF Mutual Fund Account is a great option for your retirement income. It is essentially an RSP in reverse. You can convert your RSP Mutual Fund Account at any time, although you have to convert your RSP before the end of the year in which you turn 69.

Style Diversification
Want to reduce your overall risk while striving to achieve consistent longer-term performance? Diversification of investment styles across the funds you own is the solution. The funds we have selected cover three styles: Value, Growth and GARP.


Portfolios to fit your risk profile
We have selected leading funds, with different investment styles, to create complete asset allocated portfolios for conservative, moderate, and aggressive investors. This helps to achieve the goal of stable returns over the long-term with minimum volatility.

Annual Rebalancing
Over time, market conditions change and your investments may fluctuate from an allocated portfolio weighting. To ensure your investment objectives remain consistent with your risk tolerance, annual rebalancing is available upon request at no extra cost to avoid under exposure or over exposure in an asset class.


Easy Fund Selection
We’ve simplified the selection process by creating a short list of well-known, established funds with long term track records. The funds cover all major asset categories: fixed income, balanced, Canadian equity, US equity, foreign equity and sector equity. We have also identified each Fund’s investment style to make it easier to choose individual funds that meet your needs.

Build Your Own Portfolio
Investors can choose additional funds from the ING Direct Funds Limited group of funds to complement their own portfolio or to simply hold on their own to complement what they already own. Investors can consilidate their holdings by transferring to ING Direct Funds Limited any funds held at other financial institutions that are offered through ING Direct Funds Limited.

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